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this authority through march for afghanistan, pakistan and iraq but value should be a priority in all locations and particularly in high-risk environments. we're also looking where sole-source contracting may be appropriate to respond to certain security related contexts. administrative review board also supports expanding the marine security guard program, hiring and equip more diplomatic security personnel and of critical importance authorizing for full funding of embassy construction capital cost sharing program. the capital cost sharing program for embassy construction was created in the aftermath of the 1998 bombings of the u.s. embassies in nairobi and salam that resulted in 224 deaths including 11 american citizens. in the first year it funded construction of 13 new facilities and 11 in 2006 and nine in 2005. nearly every year since fewer facilities have been built than the previous year due to both funding decreases and the fact that the allocations to the account have never been indexed to inflation. costs in the construction industry worldwide have risen tremendously. at the current a
, endangering the government of pakistan and risking the prospect that pakistan is very substantial arsenal of nuclear weapons would fall into radical hands. that's why we're there and if we lose sight of that and i think that's what the administration is doing, we'll find ourselves sooner, rather than later, under real threats once again. bill: that is a significant issue. something we'll watch especially tomorrow. thank you, sir. >> thank you. bill: john bolton in washington. martha of the. martha: this is a huge story right now. we have a deadly flu outbreak that is really causing havoc and so much illness in this country. one city has declared a public health emergency on this. so there's a lot you need to know. that's coming up. bill: also a mother saving her family from an intruder with her own gun. police just releasing the 911 calls of a terrifying home invasion. listen here. >> i heard a lot of screaming. >> right. i'm sure she's upset. >> no. she was shooting. as a mom, you spend a lot of time helping others. hamburger helper can help you back. and with box tops for education on e
region from pakistan, afghanistan and officials say iran made up the story to learn about the inner-workings of u.s. counterintelligence. the but the bottom line, bill, that the united states authorities have now told the ap wire service they believe iran is behind this abduction. now what can washington do to try and encourage iran? bill: big question. they have a daughter who is getting married in a month. we'll talk to the mother christine. that is the wife of robert, what she believes is the whereabouts of her husband. she still thinks he is in iran. the government needs to do more to bring him home. christine levinson, our guest live next hour here in "america's newsroom." we'll have that for you live. martha: tough for her. she is coming up at the top of the next hour. meantime we're learning some new details about possible white house plans for troop withdrawals from afghanistan ahead of next year's drawdown. there is a new report out that has an administration official floating the idea of pulling out all of the troops. the so-called zero option. molly henneberg is with us i
making news today. gunmen killing five female teachers and two other people in northwest pakistan. many militants in the conservative province where the attack took place oppose education for women and have targeted them in the past. >>> in venezuela a somber scene as residents pray for the president there, hugo chavez. the leader is taking a turn for the worse after his latest cancer surgery. >>> along the ivory coast in africa, 60 people were crushed to death in a new year's eve stadium stampede after a fireworks display. nearly 200 more were injured. heather: iran's military issuing warnings to foreign planes and warships as the country conducts five games of war games near the strategically important strait of hormuz where 1/5 of the world's oil passes through this key waterway. leland vittert is live this morning in our middle east newsroom with the very latest. leland? >> reporter: heather, these warnings were likely to either u.s. or western allies plane, ships, reconnaissance aircraft those kind of things spying on these war games. you might say here we go again. for iran war ga
the suspect? >> reporter: martha he's a 26-year-old originally from pakistan who moved to the uk on a student advice a. he was originally arrested back in 2009 for an alleged plot to bomb a shopping center in manchester, england. he was released for lack of evidence but remained on the f.b.i.'s radar and was rearrested an extra dieted here to the u.s. last week when his name surface ned this other investigation into a foiled suicide bombing attack on the new york city subway system. his first appearance is here inside federal court at 2:00 this afternoon, and if convicted on these charges he faces up to life in prison, martha. martha: rick, he is not the first one in this plot to face charges, is he? >> reporter: no, actually he is the 8th defendant to face charges here in brooklyn on that foiled subway bombing plot in new york city. you may remember one of his alleged coconspirators who pled guilty back in 2010. he and others were communicating with a shadowy al-qaida leader in pakistan using code words like wedding, and marriage to refer to the subway pwo*plg, e-mailing things like the marr
that they have focused so much on the afghan-pakistan area. that is sort of the core of al qaeda but there are all these nodes scattered throughout africa that obviously are a threat to western civilization. it is after they have taken their eye off the ball. bill: we'll hear about that tomorrow. three quick questions on this. do you think she has been honest publicly to this point? >> well you know she really hasn't said much publicly and certainly she was not the one that came forth on the sunday morning after the famous five programs that susan rice was on. i have talked to her and certainly saw her yesterday at lunch and talked to her a little bit about her testimony tomorrow. i think she has been forthcoming. i do. i just don't think it has been extensive. up until this time because of injury she sustained from a fall at her home, we have only had undersecretaries there but i have a sense that she --. bill: tomorrow is different, certainly. >> that's right. bill: do you expect bombshells that we have not yet anticipated, senator? >> i really don't expect any bombshells and t
is captain katie petronia we intervurd her. she served in front line positions in afghanistan and pakistan, and wrote get over it. we're not all created equal. >> i found i broke down and muscle atrophy at a much faster rate and noticeable rate than my male marines. i found myself tripping constantly. my legs buckling, falling during firefights. >> reporter: this is going to be a debate here in the military among the elite units as to whether, whether women will be able to be as physically strong for some of those special operations teams in particular and some of those elite marine units. but secretary panetta and chairman of the joint chiefsmpse announcement later today and the joint chiefs are behind secretary panetta on this. bill: thank you, jennifer griffin, early with us today at the pentagon. martha? martha: pentagon spokesperson releasing this statement on the issue saying, quote, secretary panetta strongly supports these changes. he recognizes over the last decade women have contributed in unprecedented ways to the military's mission. they put their lives on the line to defend th
: they are refusing to bury the dead after a brutal terror attack in pakistan. southwestern part of the country. the town of quetta. the victims families demanding the government do something to protect them after twin bombings outside of a pool hall that killed 86 people, mostly shiite. that was one of several attacks across the country on thursday that left 120 dead. making it the nation's deadliest day of violence it has seen in five-year's time. martha: well the nra is now saying that the white house was just quote, checking a box, when they sat down yesterday with vice president joe biden to talk about gun violence which has been the real course of all these meetings over the course of this week. the group says they believe that the obama administration is less interested in protecting children and more interested in attacking the second amendment. so the nra says that the white house is set on blaming the actual weapon rather than getting tougher on the person using it. here's some of that. >> we feel very strongly that gun crime needs to be prosecuted vigorously and that is not happening
-decade-long career. he joined the foreign service in 1975 and has served in pakistan, taoupb tunisia, saudi arabia. this is good for six months. his life is not the only whose life they are trying to pay terrorists to pay. there is a reward being offered to anyone who kills any american soldier in yemen. arthel: peter, last the state department stepped up security in light of these threats? >> reporter: a state department spokesman emailed this morning to say they were taking these threats very seriously and the spokesman added, this is a quote, as you know our embassy in yemen already operates in a highly sensitive and difficult security situation. we continue to support the government, military and people of yemen in their efforts against violent extremism and terrorism. remember that the four-month anniversary of the u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens murder is next friday. back to you. arthel: thanks for that report. bill: a whole new context after ambassador stevenseports on onee bloodyist attacks in syria, a shocking estimate of the casualties on the ground there, and n now we hear the
pakistan would be able to enrich uranium two to three times faster. it's believed iran plans to install about 3,000 of these newer, faster machines. iran is believed to have enough highly enriched uranium to build a new nuclear bombs but would have to overcome other technological hurdles before it can do that, martha. martha: we'll be watching it. bill: there is new fallout over obamacare. why some of the legislation's more vocal supporters aren't so sure about it any more. we'll explain that. martha: woe, just when you thought the whole dead girlfriend hoax thing could not get any weirder there is a new twist in this one now, believe it or not. the mastermind of the scheme behind it all breaks his silence. wait until you hear what he's revealing about this. bill: a look inside iran's most brutal prison where an american pastor has now been sentenced to eight years this week alone. what life is like inside of a quote, living hell. what is this pastor then up against in this jail? >> he's up against insanity, that's what he's up against. bill: breaking news before we go to our commercial
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)